Guided reading questions for chapter five

1. Why are journalism, media innovation, freedom and community valuable to the process of democracy and civics education?

2. Name the two examples of modest projects the Knight Foundation helped to fund.

3. Why is pursuing truth important in our society today?

4. What does journalism contribute to the process of truth-seeking? What does innovation contribute?

5. Give your own definition of “comfort news.”

6. What are other comparisons the author offers between news and food?

7. According to the author, who controls media consumption?

8. Why is literacy important in our society?

9. How can digital literacy contribute to media literacy, news literacy and civics literacy?

10. What is the author’s definition of great journalism?

11. How long did San Francisco Public Press have to wait to get tax-exempt status?

12. What is the problem with the way the IRS grants media outlets non-profit status?

13. What happened in relation to the First Amendment after 9/11?

14. On what date do schools observe Constitution Day?

15. Should teachers know about current media technology? Why or why not?