What’s useful? You be the judge

The author complains that not enough research is useful. Are his standards too high? Ask students to read the examples below and then choose one of the assignments. Assignments:
Flashlight: Which of the three examples would be the most useful for professionals? Why? Try to find articles from mainstream publications about the above studies. Why do some studies make the mainstream media while others don’t?

Spotlight: Look at one or more research databases. Can you find an example of “useful research” like the ones above? Was it easy or difficult to find? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s view that not enough research is useful?

Searchlight: The author calls for more top professionals in journalism schools. Yet he also criticizes the quality of the scholarly research. Was it wise for him to attack scholarship while trying to persuade scholars to embrace more top professionals? How would you try to ignite a conversation about change in journalism education?