Unpacking digital media literacy

Digital media literacy is the ability to create, access, evaluate, create and act upon digital media in all its forms. Take a look at this national website about digital media literacy as well as this local site.

Discussion questions for students:

Flashlight: How digitally literate do you think you are? Are most of your teachers digitally literate? How could digital literacy enhance your learning experience in the classroom?

Spotlight: What digital tools does your school use to help students better understand the digital world? Can you think of tools that might be incorporated into your regular classroom activities?

Searchlight: Explore a grants database such as Grants.gov. Can you find evidence that there are sources of technology and digital literacy funding for K-12 to innovative tech integration and media literacy projects? Do your school officials know of and pursue these sources?

Extra Credit: In 2014, the Federal Communications Commission voted to expand the e-rate program, which provides digital access to schools and libraries. The author had written this letter to the FCC before the vote. Research e-rate and write a blog post of your own on the issue. Do you agree or disagree with the FCC vote?