Let your voice be heard

In this section we see the author’s letter to an FCC senior advisor about how government policy could be improved to better support the information needs of communities.

Government funding for non-governmental media can be a confusing and controversial issue. Some say there should be no support; others call for large taxpayer subsidies. Studies such as this one from the University of Southern California show America usually falls between those extremes. Some media subsidies, like postal discounts, are falling while others, such as broadband infrastructure, are growing.

What do you think about government policy and media? Do you agree with some or all of what you’ve read here? Let your voice be heard. Draft a letter to an FCC commissioner or other official. If you want to send it, you can find contact information here.

You might also want to comment on current rules under development by the Commission, or you can join in discussions with others about how the commission can help support and improve the state of information and news media.