Where are the grant dollars?

At both the high school and college level, a wealth of grants, scholarships, and contests exist for which journalism schools and journalism educators are eligible. Take, for example, the AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship for promising undergraduate or graduate students pursuing or planning to pursue degrees at the intersection of journalism, computer science and new media. A key goal is to promote geographic, gender and ethnic diversity and identify and support creative new talent and work in the field.

Read about the 2013 – 2014 AP-Google scholarship recipients and start brainstorming ideas to apply for grants and scholarships.

Activity: Have students research grant opportunities at the community, state and national level either individually or as a group project and report their findings.

To extend this activity, students can develop at least one grant idea that aligns with their interests in the journalism field.

Extra credit for instructor: Are any of these ideas worth submitting? If so, encourage the students to find a nonprofit or academic partner and go for it.